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Title: Something's Gotta Give
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,030
Summary: Secret Santa gift for Rycolfan on prompt: Colin, fed up with Ryan never calling and determined to see more of him, contacts Greg, who arranges for Colin to take Chip's place in the Whose Live tour while Chip's filming Nashville.

A/N: Dear Rycol, I was all set to deliver you some nice angst and sex, and then one day before deadline my comp crashed, together with my notes - which I needed, 'cause angst and sex are not my usual playground and I was fiddling with it like you wouldn't believe. So I quickly borrowed a laptop and wrote a different fic in my more usual style, for time was of the essence. Angst and hotness will happen next time! Many thanks to Clay for her understanding and patience! Unbetaed.

And here is the soundtrack song :)

Colin Mochrie had a headache. )
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Title: The Monster Manual
Author: who_is_small
Rating: R
Pairings: Chip/Jeff, Ryan/Greg
A/N: Written for Goblover. Gob, this is the best I could do with Chip and Jeff. Unbeated.
Word Count: 900+
Summary: What happens if you listen to Jeff Bryan Davis and start playing something else than poker on the tour bus?


Three brutal thugs with wooden clubs are approaching briskly from the left. )
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Title: How to Scare a Mochrie (1/?)
Author: who_is_small
Rating: R
Main Character(s) and/or pairings: Ryan/Colin
Summary: Written on Whose-A-Thon prompt #64: Ryan is a ghost, haunting a house that Colin has just moved into.
Word Count: 1800+
A/N: Many thanks to Clayangel for the beta.


The New Arrivals Office had a problem. )

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