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 A shortish Fic 

Title: "Part of the Scene"
Pairing: Greg/Wayne
Warning: PG 
Summary: They liked the feel of the carpet, one a little too much. Season 5 Episode 12 

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Title: "One Day"
Author: Me (Amy)
Rating: PG
Pairing: No real pairing yet but hint of Col/Ry to come (
Next Chapter)
Notes/Intro: It had been almost 3 years since the end of Whose Line and no matter how many people liked to ask us I hadn’t been in touch with any of the guys since then. I had Brad as my connection to those 15 years of my life. He was my precious memento of the show that gave me the career I have now. The career that was positively bursting at the seams with tours, TV appearances and my brand new game show. I had to be completely honest with the fans and say, with a short flicker of hope added. “We’re all real busy but one day we will get together again.” Little did I know that one day would come colliding into my life in the most brutal way possible.

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A continuation of the first Chapter. Anything for a friend. This so late for posting which I don't have any excuse for because I finished it a few months ago. Butt here it is now... :)
If any haven't seen the first chapter or have forgotten it which I expect! The link's here...

By: Amzy 
Pairing: Greg/Ryan - [Greg's POV]
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yes this does contain sex.. what else were they going to get up to?.. Possibly the 
dirtiest stuff I've written, I feel rather bad posting it. But hey read ahead!
Disclaimer: This is complete fiction, I have not meant to imply anything about any person included. No harm is intended in this writing and certainly no profit made from it.  

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Well I have posted this to Clay but to all who havent seen it.. 

Title: Live Onstage
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Genre: Slash
Rating: PG .. but action nonetheless
Summary: A little to much drink can be all it takes to change friendship into lust. It just had to happen live onstage 


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 This is my first time posting and writing fiction and that should be enough advertisement in itself .. so I hope you are all intrigued!

Title: Anything For a friend
Pairing: Ryan/Greg
Rating: NC-17 for language and slight sexual references
Genre: Slash
Comments: I'm British, or more specifically English, so If you feel there is any unfair remarks towards the English in here I aplogise in advance because I'm one of them and the way I have portrayed them is completely untrue..and is an utter story choice.


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