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Author: kd1190[profile]
Pairings: ryan/brad
Rating: pg-13
Beta: pdglyph
Warnings: one curse word and dark themes
Summary:brad cries
Author's Note :kinda short.

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HAPPY V-DAY! i give you all fluff for v-day.
Title: full circle (5/?)
Author: kd1190</a>[profile]
Pairings: ryan/brad
Rating: PG
Beta: pdglyph
Summary: ryan get comfortable
Author's Note:finally this story get's some fluff. i really like this chapter though it is short. this  was  inspired by pdglyph. hope you all like it  and have a good v-day.

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Title: full circle (4/?)
Author: kd1190[profile]
Pairings: ryan/brad
Rating: PG
Beta:[profile] annabel1984
Warnings: not really any for this chapter  there is a lot of dialogue
Summary: Ryan get's a call
Author's Note: Anna's big bird icon inspired some stuff in this chapter. i've got to thank ruth and anna who gave me some good advice when i was having major writers block. i'm not to sure about this chapter. PLEAS comment i'm kinda getting nervous  that not too many people like it.

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i've already posted this at wliia love but i though i bring it over here.
Title: full circle (1/?)(2/?)(3/?)
Author: kd1190[profile]
Pairings: none yet
Rating: PG-13
Beta:</a>[profile] annabel1984
Warnings: self harm and such
Summary: you have to come full circle to heal
Author's Note: this story is based off of stuff that that has happened to me. yes it does deal with self harm and suicide but thats about what the story about it's about getting better. i hope you guys like it. i really am working hard on this. the title came from a conversation with my mom.PLES comment.

chapter 1 )

chapter 2 )

chapter 3 )


Jan. 11th, 2008 07:16 pm
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hi i'm kerri.  I'm new here. I though i post my fanfic here for you guys to see. This is only my second w.l. fanfic so sorry if it's bad.  It's kinda a dark just warning you.

Title:A dark love
Fandom: Whose Line Is It Anyway
Genre: slash
Pairing: Brad/Ryan
Disclaimer: not mine, don't own a thing ( i wish i owned brad  but thats not going to happen )
Warnings: this get dark so i just warning you.
Author notes: from Brad's POV. This is what happens when you read a bunch of dark fanfics and had sad music on. Thanks to anna for editing

Fanfic here : http://kd1190.livejournal.com/tag/kd1190+a+dark+love+brad/ryan

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