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The Whose Line is it Anyway Fanfiction Archive

RPF for Whose Line, Improv-a-ganza and anything else containing those players.

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Name:Whose Line Fanfiction Archive
Location:United States of America
Website:Clayangel's Whose Line is it Anyway? Fanfiction Archive
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Fanfiction for Whose Line is it Anyway and Improvaganza and their players.

Welcome to the Whose Line is it Anyway? Fanfiction Archive.


WL_Fanfiction has three main goals.
  • 1. To act as an archive, not just for fiction, but for challenges, ideas and plot bunnies. This being the case, proper headers and tagging (explained further down) must be used at all times for ease or searching and archiving.
  • 2. To form a community of authors To this extent, commenting is key. We're all here to help each other learn and grow, to make friends and explore our own creativity, so please do your best to not only post your stories, but to leave feedback for others as well!
  • 3. To have fun! We want to share our love of Whose Line with one another, make our fellow fans laugh and cry with our works, form bonds and make friends! ^_^ So write! Read! Leave feedback of your own and let's all get to know each other through the art of fiction!

If you need a tag, please contact one of the mods, clayangel, rycolfan or sungreen70 at her livejournal.

Rules and Requirements(please take the time to read these over)

In order to provide a quick, easy, and hopefully successful search for a fic and/or challenge, a few rules and requirements must be in place.

  • When Posting A Fic
    • Post behind an LJ Cut
    • Feel free to post the whole fic all at once OR in chaptered segments. Just be sure to label each chapter as to which chapter it is out of how many total chapters.
    • Identify your fic in the subject line by title and whether it's a story, drabble, series, challenge, etc.
    • Tag the entry with pairing, author, genre, series title, etc. If a tag for one of these is not available, the mod will create one for you.
    • Above the LJ Cut identify your fic by any or all of the following:
      • Title
      • Author
      • Rating (G-NC17)
      • Main Character(s) and/or pairings
      • Summary
      • Word Count
      • Type of Feedback Desired (i.e. "I'm fragile, good things only,""Constructive criticism welcome,""Rip into me and tear out my heart!" etc.)

  • When Reviewing a Fic
    • While we respect everyone's rights to freedom of speech, please try not to be rude in your comments. Swear up and down if you like, we could care less, but try to avoid leaving nasty flames and instead comment with constructive criticism.

    • If you're looking to post something other than fiction, please check out these other Whose Line communities:

      Pairing Specific
      sherwood_stiles: A Brad/Ryan community.
      bythewayiluvyou: A Ryan/Colin community.

      Fandom Oriented
      whoselineslash: Specifically for slash talk.
      wlfanart: A fanart community.
      wlgraphics: Icons, wallpapers and the like.
      whose_graphics: Icons, wallpapers and the like.
      wl_fanvideos: Whose Line fan videos.
      britline: For discussion as well as fic posting centered around the British Whose Line is it Anyway?
      wliialove: A general Whose Line community encompassing all aspects of fandom. An off-LiveJournal community encompassing all aspects of fandom.

      General Discussion
      _whoseline: A general Whose Line community.
      whosline: A general Whose Line community.
      welovewhoseline: A general Whose Line community.

    • Or feel free to check out the other fiction themed Whose Line communities:
      100points: A drabble community.

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brad sherwood, brad/chip, brad/colin, brad/colin/ryan, brad/greg, brad/jeff, brad/ryan, brad/wayne, caroline quentin, chip esten, chip/brad, chip/colin, chip/drew, chip/greg, chip/jeff, chip/ryan, chip/wayne, clive anderson, clive/colin, clive/drew, clive/greg, clive/greg/ryan, clive/ryan, colin mochrie, colin/deb, colin/greg, colin/greg/jeff/ryan, colin/greg/ryan, colin/jeff, colin/ryan, colin/wayne, dan patterson, dan/mark, dan/ryan, deb/pat, deb/ryan, denny siegel, denny/greg, dliia, drew carey, drew/greg, drew/jeff, drew/mike, drew/ryan, drew/wayne, fan fiction, fanfiction, fast and loose, femslash, greg proops, greg/brad, greg/chip, greg/clive, greg/colin, greg/jeff, greg/jeff/ryan, greg/jen, greg/paul, greg/ryan, greg/steve frost, greg/tony, greg/wayne, het, improv, improv allstars, improv-a-ganza, improvaganza, improvisational comedy, jeff davis, jeff/chip, jeff/drew, jeff/greg, jeff/ryan, jeff/wayne, jim sweeney, john sessions, john/tony, jonathan mangum, jonathan/wayne, josie lawrence, josie/caroline, josie/ryan, josie/sandi, josie/tony, julie larson, karen maruyama, kathy greenwood, kathy kinney, laura hall, linda taylor, mark leveson, mike mcshane, mike/greg, pat/ryan, paul merton, paul/tony, richard/tony, ryan stiles, ryan/brad, ryan/chip, ryan/colin, ryan/greg, ryan/tony, ryan/wayne, sandi toksvig, sean masterson, slash, slash fanfiction, stephen colbert, stephen fry, steve frost, the drew carey show, the green screen show, tony slattery, trust_us_with_your_life, wayne brady, wayne/brad, wayne/chip, wayne/colin, wayne/drew, whose line, whose line slash, whose live anyway, wl, wliia, wliia slash, wliia uk, wliiauk
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