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 Here it is..... The final installment. Challenge included at the end.

Edit: now includes link to Pdglyph's most wonderful response to the challenge! Link in comments!

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The Indians have attacked and have me tied to their totem pole....

Title: Known knowns V
Pairing: Ryan/Colin 
Wordcount: 2653 (rather impressed with myself considering this started out as a 432 word drabble)

Quite a few weak lines in this but inspiration fled on a winged chariot..... Oh, and Colin might die....

Fever... )
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The Indians have arrived and they're circling my wagon.....

Title: Known knowns IV
Pairing: Ryan/ Colin (But I need some help here people!)
Wordcount: 1401

Oh and please don't sue if you own Marcels, I used your restaurant because I adore your menu....

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It is staring to get interesting.....However, I think this is the point where I might want to signal for the cavalry. I'm simply incapable of writing a convincing love scene......any volunteers to take that particular ball and run with it? Anonymity fully guaranteed as I understand that any association with me might well be the killing blow to any burgeoning writing career….. However, I would prefer to credit any potential writing partner as it would soon be obvious that the sudden increase in quality of the written words could not possibly stem from my pen…..

Title: Known Knowns III
Pairing: Ryan/Colin (work in progress, they are just so obtuse!)
Wordcount: 1005

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 See what you made me do? With all the nice comments and the cookies and the nickname? I only went and wrote a sequel to a drabble that was never supposed to have a sequel!
Let me acknowledge the fact that I am aware this sequel (as with most sequels) is rubbish......No, in fact, calling it rubbish would be an insult to rubbish..... 
I really shouldn't post it on here as I have been positively drowned in the love-fest that is this community and I would have liked the drowing to continue for a bit longer but...... I am what I am....unfortunately, in my case, it's an untalented hack.....then again, that has never stopped Keanu Reeves from doing Shakespeare..... so....... dig out the tar and feathers........

Title: Known Knowns II
Wordcount: 780
Pairing: Ryan/ Colin if we ever get that far, which I doubt

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  After all the encouraging comments on my previous post (who's sorry now!), I decided to write a drabble.... I might write more. If the villagers don't tar and feather me before the day is out, that is..... Forgive me if I make a start runnng for them hills over yonder....

All feedback appreciated but flattery will get you everywhere......

Drabble under the cut (well, one hopes anyway....)
word count: 431
pairing: Ryan/Colin (but they don't know it yet)


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