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Title - "Holy Whose Line!!!"
Author - Rycolfan
Pairing - Colin/Ryan
Rating - G
Summary - WL/Batman crossover
Disclaimer - Not real, peeps....duh!
Feedback - Is love.

This is a just a silly little something I drummed up for [livejournal.com profile] sungreen70 , which is the result of a very strange dream.  Enjoy!  XP


“There’s something in the sky requiring your attention,” Colin said wearily as he entered Ryan’s study, where his partner was poring over police reports and newspaper articles.

Ryan looked up at his voice and then glanced out of the window; his eyes widening at the clear signal which shone brightly in the night. “To the Batcave!” he shouted melodramatically, jumping out of his seat, and headed for the secret door behind an old suit of armour.

“Great,” Colin said, his voice lacking any real enthusiasm, and moved to follow him.

Five minutes later they were both dressed very differently, although one of them was looking less than happy about it.

“Okay; what’s the matter?” Ryan asked, fixing his mask in place more securely.

Colin sighed and adjusted his clothing slightly, which was riding up in all the wrong areas. “I can understand the whole ‘wanting to help people’ thing, but these really are ridiculous costumes for grown men, Ry.”

Ryan crossed his arms. “What have I told you about names while we’re in costume?”

Colin rolled his eyes. “Fine; these are ridiculous costumes for grown men, Batman. Although, yours isn’t quite as bad as mine. I look like I should be at a kid’s party.”

“I think you look very fetching,” Ryan said cheerfully, already heading for the Batmobile. He paused and turned when he reached it, looking expectant. “Are you coming, Boy Wonder?”

“You know I’m older than you are; right?” Colin said exasperatedly as he moved towards the car and climbed into it. Ryan chose to ignore him and started the engine, its loud roar echoing around the huge cavern and disturbing some of its occupants.

“The good people need us, Robin. Let’s go.”

“Okay. I hope it’s not too serious, though; this is my last pair of tights.”

With a screech of tyres, Ryan sped out of the cave and into the night; ready to do whatever was necessary to keep the city safe.

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