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Title: The Mask Beneath the Hat Behind the Smile and the Eyes (12/?)
Author: not2bscene
Rating R Generally
Feedback is ever so greatly appreciated
Disclaimer: Not!
A/N: A dark tale. I know some people don't like the short chapters, but to me each is an occurrence, to be examined and basically observed in its singular place of origin. Like a photo album. **Please be warned! Some writers who shall remain un-named have been fluff bombing the comm. This has resulted in some rather horrid positive occurrences in my lovely tale of woe and foe. CURSES!!! ;D

Ryan gently placed Sam beside Colin. He kissed the boy's forehead then turned to his soul mate and released the bindings on him. "Sam's alive he stated joyously, and so are many of the others."

"Col, I'm not afraid any more. We don't have to hide or whisper. They've given us their worst yet we aren't defeated. Do you know who 'they' are, what's happening...Do you understand any of this?" Colin shook his head in the negative.

"Stay here love, keep Sam warm and safe. I'm going to explore every last corner of this... this, well, here." Colin nodded but grabbed Ryan's hand and drew him back,

When Ryan turned his attention back to Colin, he felt his devotion to the man swell as he saw the pride and affection glowing brightly in his brown eyes. Their lips whispered against each others in unspoken communication of a thousand words.

"First I'll find all those who are alive and bring them here and we'll try to keep them that way. You OK with being the KEEPER OF THE LIVING?" Colin replied to his smirk with a sweet smile.

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