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Title: The Mask Beneath the Hat Behind the Smile and the Eyes (8/?)
Author: not2bscene
Rating: PG
Feedback: ever so greatly appreciated
A/N: This dark tale continues in the solid blackness of an underwater cave.

Ryan closed and opened his eyes, thinking he'd somehow closed them unaware. Still he found himself in complete and utter darkness. Ok... he was breathing air from a tank of unknown quantity, so he couldn't just stop and think. Reaching his arms out to both sides, He got what he hoped were his bearings.

Then he reached out in front trying to find Colin, with no luck. Keeping his right hand to the side and the left one feeling forward, he slowly began to swim again.

His mind was going much faster then he was swimming. Where was Colin? What was Colin? Was anything he'd been told true? He knew he'd heard his son's voice... hadn't he?

His hand to the front suddenly impacted more cave wall! He panicked... he was trapped. He would die... drown, here... never knowing what happened to his family or Colin. No one would ever know what happened to him.

He gave in to the urge and began to sob, choking water around his mouthpiece, when he felt two strong hands grab his, and pull him sideways to the left and then sharply to the right.

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