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Title:  Timeline, Part 1
Author: Walking Ivy
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Summary: Ryan knew exactly what choices had turned his life into a nightmare.  He just never expected to have the opportunity to fix it.
Rating: PG?
Disclaimer:  This story is 100% fictional.  Please don’t sue.

A/N:  Major thanks to Clayangel whose “Seldom Second Chances” inspired this story.   If you haven’t yet read Clay’s story, I recommend it.  Also, despite first appearances, this story isn't nearly as dark as it looks.  I've taken it down to do some revamping. PM me if you'd like to read it.


            The truth of the matter was that Ryan just didn’t know how to live without Colin.  It was the anniversary of Colin’s death that always did it for him.  Each year on December 3, shortly after Colin’s birthday, Ryan would transform from a semi-functioning, slightly alcoholic, reclusive member of society into a complete trainwreck of a person.  He became the sort of person that his normal pitiful self would have crossed the street to avoid.

Without fail, Drew would call him early on November 30th while Ryan contemplated the merits of starting his destructive behavior a little sooner than normal and try to talk some sense into him.  Invariably, Drew would try to convince him that Colin’s death hadn’t been his fault and that he had to take better care of himself because not sleeping or eating was a quick way into an early grave.  Invariably, Ryan would try to placate him by promising to do better this time around and invariably, Ryan would find himself breaking that promise within a few days.

            He usually started the day by getting kicked out of several bars and restaurants and things generally went downhill from there as he scouted out for places that reminded him of Colin and drank himself stupid.   If he was lucky, he’d wake up in the county lock-up with only a few misdemeanor charges against him, which typically resulted in a forced sobriety.  He’d call his lawyer, because lord knows that Pat had given up on him years before Colin had even passed, and make the young woman work for her fees.  But he wasn’t generally lucky.

            This year, he decided as he packed his car with enough booze to give an elephant alcohol poisoning, would be the last time he did this.  He’d surprised Drew with a rather pleasant visit in thanks for all the ways he’d been a good friend even as Ryan had worked hard to keep himself isolated, then drove his car to the hotel Colin had always liked to stay at while filming Whose Line.   He considered checking out a room, but decided that he didn’t want to create any more of a mess for the owner than he was already planning and began chugging his drinks.

 He’d managed to terminate his career, estrange his wife, alienate his children, mangle his health, empty his bank accounts, and detach himself from his friends.  He’d been working on destroying his life ever since Colin had lost his and was simply waiting for a storm to finish the job.

            He popped open another drink and worked on brewing up a storm.


Date: 2015-02-12 10:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madie600.livejournal.com
That was short, sad, and intense, and I love it... Can't wait for more! Sounds like another great one!

Date: 2015-02-12 08:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] clayangel.livejournal.com
Gave you a story tag. ^_^ I'm not going to start on this one yet because I haven't finished your other story, but I finally finished writing mine, so I have time to read again! :D

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