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Author: lastgreyskies
Rating: um... I'll go with R for this one.
Pairings: Greg/Jeff, Colin/Ryan
Word count: 1,868
Summary: the boys play truth or dare in Drew's dressing room after a taping.
Feedback: my favorite thing.
A/N: wrote something silly to cheer myself up. Also... I have no idea what genre this would be? Plopped it in humor, I dunno if that's right. Anyway, enjoy.

"Let's play Truth or Dare."

"You're fucking joking, right? We're not twelve anymore, Jeff. We're not fucking high school girls at a sleepover. Grown men do not play truth or dare."

"It'll be fun. Stop being an ass and play."

They're all sitting in Drew's dressing room. Greg is holding a joint, wedged on the couch between Jeff and Drew. Jeff has switched out his nice clothes for sweats and a baggy t-shirt, and Drew's peeled off his suit jacket and tie. Ryan and Colin sit on the floor almost-but-not-quite touching, Ryan leisurely smoking a cigarette. Wayne is sprawled on the armchair. The lights are fluorescent, flickering, and it's freezing cold.

"Fine," Greg says, like he's making a giant sacrifice. He takes a deep drag on his joint. "Let's wait until I'm really high before we play, though."

Jeff rolls his eyes, points at Ryan. "Truth or dare?"

Ryan takes a drag on his cigar, tilting his head up as he exhales. "Truth."

"You ever fuck a guy?"

A slight smile forms on Ryan's lips. Jeff smiles back. He's challenging him. He waits.

"Once or twice," Ryan replies coolly. He takes another drag on his cigar.

No one in the room is terribly surprised; they also know he's lying, and that the number is far higher than "twice." They're not blind, after all.

"We need drinks, my brothers," Wayne announces. He stands up and goes to Drew's liquor cabinet. (Drew easily has the nicest dressing room, which is why they've gathered here; none of the rest of them have a couch, let alone a drinks cabinet.)

"Hit me with a vodka-flavored vodka drink, will you, kitten?" Greg says.

In response Wayne passes him an entire bottle.

"Thank you, darling. Just how I like it." Greg clutches his joint between his teeth so he can twist the top off. As he takes a swig from the bottle Jeff snags his joint.

"I was smoking that," Greg says.

"Not anymore." Jeff takes a deep drag and then throws him his best adorable smile. "By the way, Ryan, it's your turn to ask."

Wayne passes everyone a bottle of beer (except Greg, who is, of course, extra fortified with a whole bottle of vodka) and Ryan looks at him and says, "Truth or dare?"


Ryan fishes way, way back in his memories and tries to find the kind of dares they did at parties in high school. At last he says, "Kiss Drew."

"What?" Wayne laughs, looks at him with raised eyebrows.

"I mean it. Kiss him." Ryan takes a drink of beer. As he does so his shoulder accidentally bumps against Colin's. He leaves it there. Colin leans slightly into him, and Ryan smiles down at his beer bottle.

Wayne, still laughing, walks towards Drew. Drew sucks his lips into his mouth and squeezes his eyes tight shut as Wayne bends down and plants a light kiss on his mouth.

"Put a little passion into it," Greg says through a snorting laugh.  Wayne flings his arms around Drew's neck, and Drew pants out: "Oh, baby! Wayne, babe!"

Ryan can feel Colin laughing. He flicks his eyes over to him for just a second and drinks in his soft smile and downturned eyes.

Wayne backs up, still laughing. "Oh, fuck."

Drew takes off his glasses and wipes the lenses clean on his shirt. "Shit. Hey, Wayne! You're a good kisser, man."

"Thanks, baby."

"Go ahead and keep the change."

Wayne mimes slipping money into his pocket and settles back down on the floor. He takes a drink of beer and gargles it. "Oh, man. I am never doing that again. My turn to ask, right?" He runs his eyes over the room: Ryan and Colin, now leaning on each other, their body language perfect mirror images; Greg, now obviously high as fuck and also slightly inebriated; Drew, snorting slightly from the kiss; Jeff lounging back on the couch, trying to snatch the vodka bottle from Greg's hands.

"Jeff," Wayne declares.

Jeff looks up.

"Truth or dare?"


"Are you straight?"

Colin stirs against Ryan's shoulder. He glances up at Jeff. Greg looks straight at him, waiting, tapping his foot.

"No," Jeff says, "I am bisexual."

They all nod. "That's cool with us, man," Drew says. Jeff ducks his head. It's stupid, he knows, to be worried about his friends accepting him. After all, Ryan and Colin are gay as fuck and nobody cares. But still, he'd been feeling nervous about it.

That makes it Jeff's turn to ask, and he tilts his head back before looking at Greg and asking, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Greg says. His eyes meet Jeff's, one eyebrow raised.

"Show me how to shotgun kiss."

Everyone erupts into laughter, and then Jeff adds, licking his lips, "A demonstration included. With me."

Greg snorts. "I'll need that joint back." He takes it from Jeff's willing fingers. "Open your mouth pretty wide. That's it, kitten."

Greg takes a deep drag, fills up his mouth and his lungs and leans in to kiss Jeff. The sour taste of alcohol lingers on their lips.  He exhales slowly, feeding the smoke into Jeff, and Jeff inhales eagerly in response. They pull apart. Greg's heart is beating a thousand miles an hour against his ribs.

Jeff looks at him, his pupils already dilating. It turns out it doesn't take much to get Jeff B. Davis high as fuck. Or it could be love. He read that, once; that someone's pupils dilate when they're in love.

He takes a very large gulp of vodka.

"My turn to ask, right?" He turns and surveys the room, and his eyes land on Colin.

Colin looks at him and shakes his head very slowly.

"Truth or dare?"

"Oh, god," Colin laughs, and he takes a sip of beer. "Uh. Dare."

"Kiss Ryan."

Ryan spits out his mouthful of beer. "Oh, I don't think so," he splutters. He sets his bottle down and wrings out his now-sopping shirt.

"Ryan, man, why are you so goddamn shy about it?" Jeff says sharply.

Silence falls. Greg blinks and then says, "Fuck," and takes a sip of vodka. Wayne and Drew squirm uncomfortably.

"Shy about what?" Ryan struggles to maintain a confused facial expression.

"You and Col. We all know, man."

Ryan's hands curl into fists, release again almost immediately. He sighs. "Oh. I thought we were sneakier than that."

"Ryan, any idiot could see that you two are in love with each other."

"I hope my wife can't tell," Colin puts in. "That would suck."

For some reason this breaks the tension, and they all laugh.

"So you gonna kiss or what?" Jeff asks.

Colin looks at Ryan, and their eyes meet for a split second before they both smile a little and Ryan glances away. "Fuck," he mumbles, and then he turns so they're facing each other, both of them kneeling on the linoleum floor. He leans in and his lips meet Colin's. His lips are slightly chapped, cool from the beer.

The rest of them burst into thunderous applause, Wayne and Jeff especially. Greg just claps politely and smiles at them both as they split apart.

"My turn to ask, isn't it?" Colin says. He turns to Drew and drops the usual question: "Truth or dare?" As he asks his fingers entwine with Ryan's. Both of their palms are clammy. Ryan gives his hand a reassuring squeeze and Colin smiles down at his lap.

"Truth," Drew says. "No more kissing for me, man; I'm not doing a dare all night."

"Do you moan, or do you scream?" Colin says.

Everyone laughs. No one would have expected a question like that from Colin.

"Why don't you come find out?"

"I'm obviously taken, or else I'd take you up on your offer." Colin maintains a perfect deadpan.

"A screamer," Drew admits.

"Ooooooh," Wayne says.

"Shut up. My turn to ask." His eyes land on Greg and he announces: "Truth or dare? And share that vodka, you bastard."

Greg grudgingly passes over the bottle and says, "Truth."

"Last time you jacked off."

"This morning," Greg says with a regal air, "In the shower in my hotel room. You, Jeffrey kitten."

"Dare," Jeff says instantly.

"Pick anyone in this room, and do whatever you want with them."

A slow smile spreads across Jeff's face, and then he's straddling Greg and shoving him against the back of the couch and kissing him and it's all happens within the space of a second. He tastes like beer, cigarettes, and his mouth is so hot it's almost burning.

Greg kisses back with enthusiasm, his hips pushing upwards into Jeff's. One of Jeff's hands twists into his hair, and his tongue slithers into his mouth. Heat shoots straight to Greg's cock.

He's suddenly aware of coughing. Jeff twists around, and Greg peers over his shoulder. Colin has turned to face the wall, and Ryan has his hands over his face. Drew 's moved as far away from them as he can without actually getting off the couch, and Wayne is the one coughing, blushing furiously.

"You might want to take that outside, gentlemen," Wayne says.

"You okay with that?" Jeff asks.

"Sure," Greg says with a smirk. They exit the dressing room, the door slamming closed behind them.

There's a brief silence.

"Whose turn was it to ask?" Colin asks.

"I think it was Greg's," Drew says.

"Well, he won't be-"

There's a sudden thud from the left hand wall- Greg's dressing room is right there- a clink and a moan.

They all pause and look at each other.

"Um," Drew says at last. "Maybe we should stop playing for the night. Go back to the hotel."

They agree, hurriedly, and Ryan holds up Colin's jacket so that Colin can slip into it. Wayne throws them a very soft smile before saying, "I'm happy for you guys."

"Hm?" Ryan says. His hands rest lightly on Colin's back.

"You two. Being a couple. You seem great for each other."

"Thank you," Colin says.

"'Night." Wayne heads out, closely followed by Drew. Ryan bends down and kisses Colin softly. He winces as a very audible moan comes from the room next door.

"Maybe we should take this somewhere else," Ryan murmurs.

"Your room or mine?" Colin smirks.

"Mm... mine."

Colin plucks the keys from Ryan's jacket pocket- his explanation being "you've had more to drink," which is true- and they hold hands as they walk out of the studio. He steps carefully over Greg's button-down, abandoned on the linoleum floor; right next to it is Jeff's shirt, and the trail of clothes continues right up to Greg's dressing room door. As they leave they hear an enormous crashing sound and a loud "FUCK!"

"I don't even want to know what that was."

"Don't think about it."

"I'm trying not to."

"Are you imagining them naked, Ry?"

Ryan winces and squeezes his eyes tight shut. "God, I am now, Col. Let's go back to my hotel room, and you can fuck that nasty image right out of my head."

Colin smirks. "If I speed and hit all the green lights, we can be there in four minutes."

Date: 2013-09-03 10:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha! Love this. Nothing like a good old game of Truth or Dare to bring out the smut. ;)

One little thing I noticed: it should be 'my turn' rather than 'mine turn' - I saw that a couple of times and it kind of threw me out of the story. Oh, and remember to add your author tag. Other than that, great work! This is the kind of story that leaves me grinning like an idiot. ^_^

Date: 2013-09-03 11:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm dying at the image of Colin cutely and innocently asking Drew if he's a moaner or a screamer. Hilarious. XD
Also, Ryan looking at Colin while he's laughing/smiling...adorable. <3

Date: 2013-09-04 04:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love stories like this! The image of Ryan and Colin leaning against each other sitting on the floor melts my heart. I also loved the comedy elements you added, lovely fic hun! :)

Date: 2013-09-17 03:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This was a really good short story. :)
It's like reading on a random page of a well written fan fiction. I grant thee the gold star of approval :3

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