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Title: The Mask Beneath the Hat Behind the Smile and the Eyes (1/?)
Author: not2bscene
Rating: R for concepts and things to come.
Word count: 207
Feedback: Ever so greatly appreciated
A/N: This is the start of a fic that's been clanging around in my mind and won't leave me alone.

Ryan answered his cell, expecting a pleasant, perhaps naughty conversation. "Ry" Colin's voice was high pitched, panicky. "Col? What is it? Are you ok?" Ryan felt his gut clench.

The sound of Colin's voice was usually enough to calm his emotions, fears, even his anger. But today it was nearly unrecognizable.

There was a quality unlike anything he'd ever heard from the one person he trusted most.
something utterly terrifying

"It's Sam, Ry, something's happened." At the mention of his son's name, Ryan felt his heart freeze. "Where is he, Where are you? What's happened?"

"Calm down Ryan," Colin's voice, devoid of all emotion might have been giving directions to a stranger lost on the street.

Then a sound Ryan had never heard before, a cold laughter that was undoubtedly Colin, yet didn't sound like him at all.

This was followed by the most horrifying blood chilling scream. undoubtedly his son..., "Noooooooooo please no, Uncle Col pleasenononono... Dad, help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." The phone went dead.

To be continued...

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