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This the official entry of my fic. I thought I'd never do it but here I am!

-Title: Drunken Compassion (or Untitled)
-Rating:PG to PG-13 . . . for now I think.
-Pairings: Colin/Ryan (Everyones faves)
-Summary: People say that when you get drunk, your true feeling come out.
-Author's Note: This is the first Whose Line fic I've written and probably the first slash I've actually liked. And I have warned you about the bad writing.

Chapter one: I like the word plastered.


They were all at the bar.

And they were all plastered.

Well, maybe not ALL, but most. There were some who had appointed themselves as designated drivers. Which was good because some probably wouldn't be able to find their car, none-the-less their car keys, by the nights end.

But they were all at the bar. You know the one. Where everyone went to but nobody was there. Where everyone knew your name if you were wearing a nametag. The kind of bar that was a rat hole but only because that was probably what was on the menu. Not that anyone actually ate.

Why get plastered here? Because nobody here watched their show.

Which was probably a good a good thing since they were being quite loud. But every once in a blue moon a stray rabid fan girl would follow them. Of course, they made sure to autograph and photo before they went inside.

So why get drunk? What's the occasion to be so loud?

And who?

Well, you probably know who it is and it just so happens to be the 10-year-anniversary of the show. And everyone was there. Even the people who didn't get any credit until their name was read at the end of the show. But they were having a party.

The whole cast had decided to drink 'till they couldn't possibly live. Ryan, who usually drank lighty a couple times a week, was still doing pretty well after the first couple. Greg, going a little fast through the rounds on a count of Brad and Wayne, would still have been able to walk a suitalbe line. Even though it was only the second hour, Jeff was almost out of it and Chip looked about to puke, having gone through too many beer too fast.

Colin, though, was a totaly different story. Liquor never totally suited with his stomach, brain, or any other part of his body. It made him giddy and dizzy and absolutely fearless.

As Ryan watched Brad, Wayne and Greg go through shots of whatever they could get their hands on, he felt Colin sidle up to him in the booth.

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