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This is for any feedback anyone would like to share concerning the genre tags. :)

The ones currently available are:
g: action - ...like, stuff you'd see in an action movie. Fight scenes, adventure, explosions and the like.
g: adult - where sex plays a very large role in the story, but not to the point of a pwp. Does not have to be NC-17.
g: angst - Emotional conflict.
g: au - Alternate Universe. Though a simple lack of wives does not fit into this category; that has its own.
g: crack - Something generally absurd; not meant to be taken seriously.
g: crossover - Wherein the characters/setting/etc. is mixed with that of another fandom.
g: drama/suspense - Situational conflict (as opposed to emotional conflict, aka angst)
g: fantasy - A subset of AU. Basically used for anything beyond the realm of everyday life, including not just fantasy, but science fiction, supernatural, paranormal, etc.
g: first time - the featured characters engage in an intimate or sexual relationship with each other for the first time
g: fluff - Overly sweet; lacking in angst.
g: friendship - The focus is on a friend relationship between the characters moreso than romantic.
g: gen - Usually no pairing in these. Just a general story not revolving around relationship-type stuff.
g: horror/dark - Wherein the characters/settings/etc. are more nefarious, evil or scary than usual.
g: humor - Funny or amusing stories.
g: hurt/comfort - Emotional or physical distress followed by emotional or physical comfort.
g: no wives - Literally that. Otherwise canon, just no wives. Made because those stories can be referred to by the authors as AU, which they are, but as there's a large difference between these and a full AU, I prefer these stories to be under their own tag.
g: pre-wl - Stories that take place before the characters were on Whose Line—generally when the were younger, before they were famous. Should otherwise be able to fit into canon (unlike stories filed under the school tag).
g: romance - Of a specifically romantic nature or primarily focuses on a relationship as the plot.
g: school-aged au - Another subset of AU usually portraying the guys as children/teens/20s, usually in a school/university setting.
g: sexual tension - Generally there's no graphic sex, but the story has very sexual moments nonetheless. Focusing more on the desire aspect of sex rather than the act itself.
g: smut - Very little plot/straight up sex.
g: songfic - Based around or integrating songs.
g: tragedy - Stories with a very sad theme or ending.

This is our current list of genre tags. If anything is confusing or missing, in your opinion, please let me know. Feel free to share any suggestions for tags for story types that you don't see represented here. For instance, is there a particular kind of story/theme/whathaveyou that you're always looking for and would love to be able to find a bunch of them with one click? That's what these are here for, so let me know. ^_^

Thank you in advance for any input.

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