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Halloween Trick or Treat Fic for Draconica_Nova
by: not2bscene
Title: Questionable Expressions
A/N: This was my favorite fic to write. It was both fun and challenging to keep straight, if you know what i mean!

Drew was excited and could barely contain his giggles.His mirth was fueled by his plan of throwing a Halloween party with a twist for his "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" friends.

Six of the guys were now couples, Ryan and Colin had been so for years, followed closely by Greg and Jeff. Just recently, however, Brad and Chip had announced their engagement, taking everyone by surprise.

Drew had decided to put an extra spin on it this year. He gave each of the six an envelope with their identity for the party, with strict orders not to tell anyone, even their partners who/what they were going as. Drew was even supplying the complete costume, makeup, and whatever else would be needed.

Each man was to arrive at Drew's home alone, at a certain time exactly, three minutes apart, and be escorted to a room where the lighting was very dim, handed a beer, and requested to wait silently until all arrived. Everyone thought it was really, well freaky, but they all loved Drew, so accommodated him.

As the last man arrived, the tallest among them, a couple minutes late as usual, The lights came up. Music began playing. A side table heavy with all sorts of food and drink was revealed.

No one even noticed as the six flummoxed men gaped at each other and the high pitched squeals of Drew's laughter filled the room.

Ryan, who was looking just like Brad looked confusedly at Colin except it wasn't his Col. Colin meanwhile, immediately sought Ryan and noted someone who looked nearly as tall but just wasn't his Ry. His eyes searched until they landed upon Brad, except Brad had surprisingly green eyes.

Colin joined Drew in his giggles. Ryan, recognizing his favorite laugh, immediately found him, looking a lot like Greg, and knew he could do snark nearly as well. He made his way over shaking his head at Drew, all the while a giant grin on his face.

Meanwhile Jeff had found Greg when Greg emitted one of his trademark guffaws. Brad and Chip had just sort of migrated together. All were highly amused and gently, or in some cases not so gently, poking fun at the other couples.

Drew took pictures and videos and forever after everyone's favorite photo was three couples giving passionate embraces and deep open-mouthed kisses. Anyone not in the know, glancing at the photo would be instantly confused to see Brad kissing Greg, Chip kissing Ryan and Colin kissing Jeff.

Ryan = (fake Brad )
Greg = (fake Chip)
Colin = (fake Greg)
Brad = (fake Jeff)
Chip = (fake Colin)
Jeff = (fake Ryan)

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