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Title: Affliction, Part 12/13
Author: illyriaone (Thesseli)
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Rating: R
Summary: I once swore I would never write a vampire story...
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Type of Feedback Desired: Any.

The rest of the meeting went by uneventfully. It seemed that Brad’s concern for Ryan had been the source of all his misgivings. The possessiveness of those with the disease was well-documented, and everyone knew the rumors that people with the disease preferred human blood drawn from a live donor, with the donor being their sexual partner…even if they hadn’t been partners to begin with. Brad, as well as Drew, had known for some time how Ryan felt about Colin. He’d been worried that coercion or even force might have been involved, if Ryan was now supplying Colin with his meals. Ryan had assured them that it hadn’t been that way at all -- that Colin had initially been reluctant, until he’d persuaded him that this was really what (and who) he wanted. They’d also talked about Colin’s condition itself. There was the speculation that sporadic outbreaks of the disease had led to the many vampire legends from around the world…the need for blood, the aversion to strong light, the fact that they were damned hard to kill -- but not immortal, as the legends had it. Colin would age just like anyone else, even though his body could take a lot more physical damage than a normal person’s. The ringleader of the lab break-in had been shot twice and it hadn’t even phased him. They supposed that the traditional ways to kill vampires (beheading, fire, or the old standby of a stake through the heart) would probably work; Greg pointed out, however, that these methods would pretty much kill anyone. This led to a discussion of things *not* to do, things that might trigger a negative reaction from Colin…they all doubted anyone there would be making a move on Ryan anytime soon! Kathy looked a little disappointed that Colin had chosen Ryan and not her. Neither man mentioned that those afflicted could have any number of donors (and would be similarly possessive of all of them)…it might give her ideas. There were plenty of curious people out there who might want to know what a vampire’s bite felt like. By the way Greg was looking at him, he was one of them.

In addition to this discussion, the group also talked about the upcoming taping sessions. They all agreed that the best thing to do would be to issue a short press release about Colin’s condition. It would be better for the public to find out this way, rather than for it to look like they were hiding something. Because the first time Colin opened his mouth onstage, everyone would know anyway. Jeff had come up with a good idea, though, about something that might help Colin while they were taping. Knowing that the bright overhead lights would hurt the other man’s eyes, he’d suggested having dark contact lenses made that would block out some of the light. Colin was used to contacts; he’d worn regular ones while performing for years, although he hadn’t needed them or his glasses since coming down with the disease (his vision was now 20/20). He thanked Jeff for the brilliant idea. He wished he’d thought of it himself.

Now it was evening and they were back at Ryan’s house, in bed. Colin’s spirits were much higher now -- it was clear to Ryan that he was experiencing that exhilarated, ‘invincible’ feeling those with the disease felt when they were very happy. They’d made love soon after they’d gotten home…Ryan had learned that when Colin was hungry, it was best to let him take the lead. There was always time for slow lovemaking later, when Colin had drank his fill and he could concentrate on his lover more fully. Ryan couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his partner’s body next to his, and loved it whenever Colin’s teeth (or any other parts) were inside him. His own parts inside of Colin also made for a very pleasurable experience. Positionally, they’d been through pretty much every permutation except for one: because of his teeth, there was no way that Colin could take Ryan into his mouth the same way Ryan could do with him. Ryan didn’t care. Colin more than made up for it with what did with his lips and tongue…like he was doing now. Ryan sighed blissfully. He loved Colin, and he enjoyed not always having to be one to make the first move. This relationship was unlike any Ryan had ever been in, and it was definitely the most satisfying. He planned to tell Pat fairly soon…it would let both of them get on with their lives. No more pretending that they each really wanted to be with the other. He was with the one he’d wanted to be with for years, but had always been too afraid to approach directly…although he’d dropped enough hints during that time to make it obvious to Drew, Brad, and probably their entire television audience. That ignorant woman at the studio should have known it too, if she was as big a fan as she’d insinuated. What she had done still riled him. Hopefully nothing like that would ever happen again, although Colin had said that if a normal person had done the same thing, he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as angry. The possessiveness went off the scale if the ‘trespasser’ was another vamp.

Colin was busily teasing him with his mouth, his own hands caressing Colin’s shoulders, when something suddenly dawned on him.

“Colin,” he gasped, trying to concentrate on something other than the physical sensations running through him. “Colin, I know what the territoriality’s for. I know why you have it, and why it’s worse against someone else with the disease.”

Colin stopped what he was doing and looked up. “What are you talking about?” he asked. “It’s an instinct, a goddamned terrible instinct -- what could it possibly be *for*?”

Ryan grinned excitedly and leaned forward. “Colin, it’s not what you think it is. It’s not because you can’t control yourself, or because you’re some kind of monster. It’s to protect the *donors*.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, not understanding.

“Just listen to me, OK? Way back when, when the disease first came out, it was at a time when the world was a lot more dangerous than it is now. Different tribes invading each other, people killing each other for nothing…”

“Have you watched the news lately? That sounds exactly like today,” Colin replied dourly.

“Yes, but today you usually don’t have the local warlords wiping out neighboring tribes like it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. Most people don’t live under the constant threat of violence, like it was when the disease first appeared.”

“I’m still not following you,” he confessed.

“Colin, what’s the worst thing that could happen to a vampire? One with a longtime donor?”

He blinked. “Losing the donor,” he replied, not even having to think about it. “To lose your partner, someone you love--”

“Someone you *obviously* love. If other people in our situation are anything like us, it’s pretty clear to everyone around them how they feel about each other. It would have been the same for people hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Now imagine if there were enemies in the area, especially ones with the disease -- or imagine someone with the disease who was starving. They could easily kill the other person’s partner, a normal human, because they’re so much stronger than we are. That’s why the territoriality is so strong against other vamps. You instinctively know how easily we can be hurt, especially by others of your kind, and you want to protect us.”

Colin looked at him in wonder. He’d never thought about it that way, that the part of himself he was afraid of might actually have something good in it. It made a sort of sense, if it was true.

“I don’t know if you’re right, Ryan…but it’s definitely something to think about,” he said. He smiled, and reached out to touch Ryan’s cheek.

“Colin, have I told you lately how much I love you?” he asked, placing his hand over Colin’s.

“Not for the past few hours, no.”

“Then let me show you.”

Colin shivered, willingly offering himself up to his friend’s ministrations. It was at times like this that neither of them thought about Colin’s condition, or any of the troubles that it brought. For now, there was only the experience. And the love.

“*Mine*,” Ryan pronounced, as if to lay a claim on Colin as strong as Colin’s was on him.

His lover smiled again, a sweet, almost shy smile. “Ryan, I’ve always been yours.”
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