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- Thunder Storms and College Dorms
-By Sammy Proops
-Rated R for a lot of innapropriate content
-Main Characters = Ryan, Colin, Greg
-First off, it's set in the college years, not high school, but I figured it was close enough. I wrote this story a year ago, just randomly. It's pretty random, and has a lot of indescrete Whose Line references in it (ie, THE CAT!). One evenining, Colin and Ryan are having a telephone conversation, when a bolt of lightening strikes and everything goes wrong.

Thunder Storms and College Dorms
by Samantha Proops

“…so I say to the doctor, ‘Whoa there! Should you really be reaching your fingers down there?’ I mean really Ry, I honestly though he was gonna choke Chester! I mean, he’s just a kitten after all.” Colin Mochrie was on the phone with his friend of over twenty years, Ryan Stiles.

“Well you know buddy, you just got him the other day; he had to make sure everything was alright.” Ryan replied calmly.

“So what, he had to make sure his throat was in the correct place?! I mean really, you should’ve seen it! Here’s this 250-pound vet sticking his finger down this little kitten’s throat!”

“Whoa there Colin, calm down a bit; you’re overacting. Chester’s alive and well, correct?”

“Yeah…” Colin paused a moment, then added, “I guess you have a point there. So how are Pat and the kids doing? Everything oka…..” Colin’s voice started to fade.

“Colin? Buddy you’re breaking up, is there a storm over there?” Ryan spoke loudly.

“What? Yeah, yeah there’s a small storm just passing through; should be gone in a few hours.” Colin’s voice was oddly clear, as it was hard to here him just a second ago.

Milliseconds later, a bolt of lightning struck the Mochrie home in Ontario, Canada. An electrical surge shot through his phone line, electrocuting the bald comedian. In his empty house, he fell to the floor, unconscious.

×× - - - + - - - ××

“Hey Col, Colin…WAKE UP!” A familiar voice shouted. A few seconds later, Colin felt a pillow connect with the back of his head. Slowly, he picked himself off the extremely uncomfortable bed he was laying on. The first object his soft brown eyes focused on were the eyes of his friend, Ryan.

“You alright bud? You slept right through our alarm. We got class in fifteen minutes.” Ryan explained, moving over to open the curtains. Colin was immediately confused. Classes? Looking around the room, Colin made the assumption that he was in a college dorm. But how could that make any sense? That’s when he remembered – Ryan, the phone, the storm. He must’ve been electrocuted and now in some sort of dream-like state.

“Hey. HEY.” Ryan snapped his fingers in front of his friend’s face. “You alright there buddy? You’re spacing out there… your brain take another vacation?”

“What? Oh…yeah…I guess… late night last night I suppose…” Colin answered, rubbing his eyes. Ryan let out a loud laugh, “Late night? Buddy, you went to sleep at TEN O’CLOCK. You totally missed it. G-man was drunk off his rump! It’s was SO funny. He got up on the kitchen table and started singing ‘My Sharona’ in a French Accent, and then started stripping! Oh man…” Ryan laughed, “good times…And he woke up this morning SO hung over… he didn’t remember ANYTHING!” Colin laughed along with his pal, and was unsure of where anything was. Heck, he didn’t even know where HE was.

“Hey Ry, was I drinking last night?”

“You had a couple of beers, yeah, but you weren’t too bad off. Why, you not feeling too good? You’re looking a little pale there…” Ryan explained, his voice now full of concern.

“Uh…yeah bud, I’m not feeling so great… think I could stay home from the classes today?” The last thing Colin wanted to do now was relive his college years.

“Yeah sure, I’ll tell Mr. Gordon that you’re sick. But you know you’re going to have to do your speech tomorrow right? You’ll be the only one presenting…”

Colin swallowed hard before asking in a tiny voice, “What speech…?” Ryan gave his older friend an odd look.

“You know, we have to find and memorize a famous speech, and then present it, changing the volume of our voice and stuff. You remember right? Voice projection?”

Colin hesitated a moment before nodding his head, “Yeah yeah, I remember. Um... so, don’t you have to leave now?” He had no clue what time it was, but he hoped, prayed, that it had been fifteen minutes. Ryan glanced at his watch, up at Colin, then back at his watch again.

“Oh yeah, I better go. Um, Greg should be back here around noon, and I’ll be home around two or so. You’re fine right?”

“Yeah Ry, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” The Canadian smiled reassuringly and watched his taller friend leave the room. After he made sure nobody else was home, Colin went on a mission to figure out what the heck was going on.

“Time.” He mumbled to himself. He had to figure out what the date and time was. Colin made his way into what looked like the kitchen. It consisted of a fridge, microwave, and a tiny stove and sink. The sink was piled high with dishes, and there was beer cans all over the counter and floors. On the fridge was a bunch of clippings for savings on pizza, as well as a small calendar. It was September 7, 1995.

That can’t be right, Colin thought to himself, it’s February 3, 2004. Where am I? Is this some kind of weird joke? Colin remembered seeing a bunch of movies where the main character gets electrocuted and sent back in time, but it was just fiction… right?

“No, no, Col, you’re just dreaming… you’ll wake up any minute to Deb’s smiling face. And Ryan will call, asking what the heck happened. I couldn’t have gone back in time… could I?

×× - - - + - - - ××

By the time Greg arrived home Colin had figured out that he, Ryan, and Greg were all roommates in college. By the schedules that lay randomly throughout the house, as well as post-it notes on bedroom mirrors, Greg was studying to become an actor, and he was taking courses in comedy as well. Ryan was studying to be an English teacher, but also was taking a few acting courses. He himself was studying to become a marine biologist, which he found to be highly amusing since he wanted to be a marine biologist all throughout junior high and high school. That is, until his friends dared him to try out for the school play and he discovered how amazing acting was.

Sure, Colin had learned all this information, but he still couldn’t believe he had actually gone back in time. Everything was so realistic… but yet it wasn’t. For example, Ryan had dropped out of high school when he was 17. Here, though, he’s studying to become an English teacher. Also, when he had “traveled back in time,” so did his physical appearance. HE HAD A FULL HEAD OF HAIR! When he had discovered this, Colin had spent 10 minutes staring at himself in the mirror, running his hands through it over and over again. Unfortunately, the Colin in this time hadn’t taken a shower, so his hair was all greasy… But nonetheless, it was a good feeling seeing himself with all that hair.

Nonetheless, it seemed that the three of them were all interested in improvisational comedy, as there were numerous flyers around the dorm for Improv nights at local clubs. Local being Los Angeles, California.

“Hey there Dino-man, G-Man’s home!” Greg shouted as he came into the living room with an armful of six-packs of beer. Colin was just sitting in the living room. He couldn’t locate the remote control for the Cable box, and when he had turned on the television, all he was met with was fuzz.

“Would you mind giving your pal a hand with the beer please?”

Colin jumped up and helped Greg load the 4 six-packs in the half-full fridge. Colin noticed Greg didn’t look much different from his time, except looking much younger and having a five o’clock shadow. When the pair had finished, they took a seat on the couch, which was olive-green in color.

“So what’s the happs with you? Why aren’t you in class?”

“Oh, I uh, don’t feel so great, so I decided to stay home.”

“Well hey, dude, look at the time! Its 12:30 mate! Time to cheer Col-Col up!” Greg said enthusiastically, and ran behind the TV and grabbed the remote. Colin cursed under his breath for not looking behind the TV in his earlier quest for the remote.

Feeling clueless and lost, Colin just looked on as Greg eagerly turned the television on and flipped to channel 26 on the cable box. Greg was silent for a moment, and looked at his watch.

“Oh, it’s only 12:26, we got to wait for the end of whatever this show is until it comes on. So did you watch it last night?” Greg asked, looking at him.

“Watch what?” Colin tried to ask as casually as possible.

“Dude! Don’t TELL ME you forgot to tape it last night! I talked to the Tall Freak earlier today, and he explained to me how I’m such an excellent singer when I’m drunk. AND you went to bed at 10! Don’t tell me you forgot to set the VCR timer dude. It was two NEW episodes!!”

“Greg,” Colin said slowly, “I have no clue what show you are talking about.”

Greg started at Colin for a moment as if he had a monkey coming out his nose. “Dude. Whose Line? How could you FORGET?!” Colin felt his heart skip at least 2 beats when he said that.

“As in, Whose Line is it Anyway? Like with Drew Carey?” Colin questioned.

“Drew who?”

“Drew Carey. The host of Whose Line? right…?”

“I have no clue who you are talking about. Brad Pitt hosts the show, silly goose.” Colin almost choked when he heard the words coming out of his friend’s mouth.

“What’s up with you man? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten who’s ON the show…” Greg started, and then looked away from Colin with a heavy sigh once he realized Colin didn’t have any clue.

“Sorry Greg, I’m having a bad day. Care to enlighten me?”

Right as Greg was about to speak, there were interrupted by Brad Pitt’s voice:

“Hello everybody and welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway? Tonight we have: The pretty boy from New York... MATTHEW PERRY! The perfecter of the hair-flip... JENNIFER ANNISTON! The possibly female... MATTHEW LEBLANC! Aaaand the loveable geek... DAVID SCHWIMMER! Come on down, let’s have some fun!” Colin thought he was going to throw up right then and there. Brad took at seat at his little desk and continued with the introduction, “Hello everyone and welcome the special live edition of Whose Line is it Anyway? the show where everything’s made up and –“ Brad was interrupted as a tall, college-aged looking girl came running up from the audience, a gun in hand, and stopped in the center of the set. With an evil gleam in your eyes, she quickly shot all four contestants and Brad, and made off running towards the nearest exit. All the while she was screaming, “DAMN YOU STUPID FRIENDS! YOU CAN’T DO IMPROV! HA! NOW THAT I’VE SHOT YOU, YOU ALL CAN HANG OUT AND BE BUDDIES IN HELL!!!” Then entire audience went silent, the only sound was the sound of security guards, trying to catch the killer who had just ran off the set.

Colin slowly turned his head from the TV screen to Greg, then back to the screen where there was a picture of Brad smiling a corny smile, and the words, “Sorry, this channel is unavailable now. Please check back later!”

After 15 minutes of starting at the screen, Greg finally broke the odd silence.

“What in the name of –“

“Hello everyone! We’re home earlier than expected!” Ryan’s voice rang through the dorm.

“Hey people, I’m here too!” A female voice yelled behind Ryan’s.

“Hey there Lynz! Whoa….that was YOU!?” Colin looked at Greg, and then at this girl named ‘Lynz.’ She was tall, around 5’ 9” with brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. Ryan’s girlfriend? Colin asked himself.

Lynz grinned widely and shut the door, “hell yes that was me. I do good?”

“Excellent,” Greg complimented, “I hated those guys.” Ryan and Lynz nodded in agreement. This had Colin bewildered. Wasn’t Greg just telling him how he loved Whose Line?

“Um… I thought you all were fans of Whose Line?...” Colin said. The three others looked at Colin with wide eyes, and then exchanged glances with each other. In an instant, Colin was being charged at, by Ryan, and he found himself roughly shoved up against the wall.

“Who are you?!” Ryan yelled through gritted teeth. “What have you done with Colin?”

“I’m uh…” Colin sighed, “I’m kind of from the future…”

“What are you TALKING about?” Ryan said, his voice filled with annoyance.

“I said I’m Colin from the future. I was talking to you over the telephone, a-and it was raining out, and lightning must’ve struck my house and I got electrocuted. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m telling the truth. I just want to go home… but I don’t know how.”

“I don’t think we should trust him Ryguy,” Lynz said from behind her tall boyfriend.

“I dunno dude, story seems too weird for someone to make up.” Greg supposed.

Ryan turned his face so he was looking at Lynz and Greg, but his eyes were still on Colin. “I say we take him with us, and we can use him as a hostage if need be.”

“Good plan.”

“I agree.”

Ryan released Colin from his grasp and gave him a shove towards the door.

“Greg, show Mr. Mochrie to the van.”

“Righty-o Mr. Stiles.”

“Hey Greg, before you go…?” Ryan said quickly.


“You call me that again and we’re tying you naked to the grill of the car.”

“Gotcha Big Foot.”

Ryan rolled his eyes as Greg led Colin to the van outside. “He looks just like Col though, Lynz.”


“I think it really is him.”

“Whatever you say Ryguy; you’re the boss.”

“Yeah I know, but you’re my girl.” He smiled, and kissed her deeply on the lips. Five minutes later, they ended their mini make-out session and headed for the door, Ryan grabbing two six-packs of beer and some pizza coupons.

“Now let’s go!!”

×× - - - + - - - ××

“So guys, where exactly are we headed?” Colin asked. They had been driving for at least two hours by now. He didn’t really know, the car clock was broken, and he didn’t have a watch on. He did know they were in Nevada now.
Greg was sitting next to him, Lynz was in the passenger seat, and Ryan was driving. Ryan looked at him through the rearview mirror.

“Yeah, we’re headed to a place in New Mexico. It’s called Viagra Falls.” Colin started to laugh out loud, thinking he was joking. Surly no such place existed. He felt himself being stared at, and looked over to see Greg staring at him.

“He’s not joking. It’s a hotel just on the border of Arizona and New Mexico.”

“WHAT?! You mean we’re driving straight from here to New Mexico?!” Colin exclaimed.

Greg nodded, and then Lynz added, “It’s going to be SO worth it though, right Ryry?” She gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek before looking back at Colin. “There’s a reason why they call it ‘Viagra Falls’ you know.”

“It’s free?” Colin guessed.

“Ooohhh yeah it is. You just gotta pay for the room.” Ryan said enthusiastically from the front.

“Well, okay…” Colin wasn’t exactly thrilled at the idea, seeing as how he was all by himself.

“So you guys never answered my question, but forget it. I have a new one. What’s up with you guys and killing the stars of Whose Line?” Colin questioned.

“Well see, we don’t like the stars of Whose Line? See, they think they’re funny. But they aren’t. They can’t do improv at all. And the funny thing? In real life they aren’t good friends with each other. They don’t go out to clubs and do improv, and they only see each other when they have to work. It’s ANNOYING. WE should be on that show. In like two days we’re meeting our friends Clive, Brad, and Chip, and we’re going to discuss starting our OWN version of the show. We’re thinking of calling it Friends because we’re all great friends who always hang out and stuff. It’s going to be a hit! Right guys?” Greg explained. Ryan and Lynz nodded from the front in agreement.
“So… you felt the need to just kill them?”

“Basically. Besides, we all posed as HUGE fans of the show. We learned everything about them, even went to a few tapings, got one or two autographs, and quoted the show often. It. Was. Torture. But we had to do it. Nobody will think it’s us. Genius plan. The, err… other Colin thought of it. He thought of everything. From us being roomies, to even what we majored in. He is a smart man. You are a smart man. I mean, you in the –“

“I get it Greg. I know what you mean.” Colin interrupted. “So wait, I don’t even know you guys. Everything I thought I knew about you isn’t real.”

“Well, some stuff about us is real.” Ryan added.

“Yeah. For instance, all of us love improv.” Lynz stated.

“How about your ages?”

“I’m 24, Lynz’s 24, Greg’s 23, and your 25.”

“Okay… that doesn't make much sense... seeing as how in 2004 you are in your 40s...but erm... anything else I should know?”

“Yeah. Actually there is.” Lynz said. She looked back at Greg, who nodded, and then to Ryan, who nodded. She faced the front of the car, opened her mouth, and started to sing:

“10,000 bottles of beer on the wall!
10,000 bottles of beeeeeer!
You take one down, pass it around,
9,999 bottles of beer on the wall!”

Ryan and Greg joined in, whilst Colin looked on with complete and utter confusion. What the hell? He thought. Five minutes later, though, he came to the classic, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” decision, and started singing with the others. Hey, it’s going to be a long ride Col, best enjoy it. He thought.

×× - - - + - - - ××

“Hey, ‘We are now entering New Mexico.’” Colin pointed out.

Greg was driving, with Colin in the passenger seat, and Ryan and Lynz curled up, asleep, together in the back seat.

“So how much longer until we reach this Viagra Falls place?”

“Oh…about thirty, thirty-five minutes. Why; getting impatient?” Greg asked, the humor apparent in his tone.

“Oh yes.” Colin replied sarcastically. “I can’t wait. So why are we going here again?”

“Two days from now our friends Clive, Chip, and Brad are meeting us there. It just works out because that way Ryan and Lynz can have their fun, and plus Brad and all them, they live in Houston, so it’s kind of a central point.” Greg explained.

Viagra Falls. WHY does that sound so familiar? Colin thought to himself. Then it hit him. During one game of ‘Scenes from a Hat’ there was the suggestion, ‘Unpopular Tourist Attractions,’ and Brad comes out and says, “Viagra Falls!” Jesus cripes. This is so twisted.

Colin was brought back out of his thoughts by the sounds of Ryan and Lynz making out in the back seat. He glanced over at Greg, hoping he could hear the pair as well.

Greg gave him a smile and said, “Dude, just sit back and ignore them. They’re going to be at it until we get there.”

×× - - - + - - - ××

“Hey, hey, Romeo and Juliet, we’re here. End the lip-locking.” Greg ordered. The pair gave a final kiss before separating and looking up at Colin and Greg.

“I didn’t know the things you guys did were even possible. Especially for YOU Ryan.” Colin said, shaking his head and looking away.

“You were WATCHING?!”

“I glanced back a couple of times...”

“Dude, we thought you were going to break a window, the way you were hitting it. You two are SO cleaning this car later. Now let’s go.” Greg demanded. The four soon found themselves outside a shabby-looking hotel, with the Viagra logo practically everywhere they looked. Ryan, Greg, and Lynz all pulled out their wallets, and they pooled their money. Then they looked at Colin.

“Uh….” Colin murmured dumbly before searching his pockets. He found a wallet and inside there was eighty dollars and a credit card. He placed it all in Ryan’s hands, which was holding all the money.

“Okay guys, in order for us to have money for food, drink and stuff, Greg and Colin gotta share a room. Is that okay?” Ryan explained, looking at Colin for confirmation.

“That’s a-okay with me Ryguy.” Greg said.

“Yeah, yeah that’s fine. Um… is there laundry here? We’ve been wearing these clothes for two days…” Colin said.

“Yeah there kinda is laundry here, but you have to hand wash them in the bathroom. They give you hair dryers though, so I guess that’ll help. You know what? Tomorrow we’ll do laundry tomorrow morning. Greg and Lynz, you can go out and get us some food or something, and Col and I’ll do the laundry. But tonight, we’re all on our own, so we’ll divide the cash up between us, and use the card for the rooms.”

“Alright. Sounds like a plan.” Greg said. Colin and Lynz agreed, Lynz tugging eagerly on Ryan’s sleeve, her eyes pleading that they get a room – and some Viagra, A.S.A.P.

“Alright baby, calm down, it’s only 3 in the afternoon. We have plenty of time for that.” Ryan reassured.

Ten minutes later, Ryan and Lynz and Greg and Colin were in their rooms. Ryan and Lynz’s room was right next to Greg and Colin’s. In fact, they shared the wall that each of their beds was up against. How did Colin and Greg know their bed was up against Ryan’s? Well if the noises coming from their room wasn’t providing enough hints, perhaps the fact that the bed was banging against the wall every 30 seconds or so.

The minute Colin walked into the room; he knew it was going to be a looooong night. There was only one queen-sized bed. And on each pillow there were 3 Viagra pills. Greg took his pills, and slowly walked over next to Colin.

“Well now. We shouldn’t put these to waste now, should we?” Colin’s eyes went wide and he backed up immediately.

“Greg…” he warned, back away from him.

“What’s the matter Colly Wolly, afraid to be with a guy? It’s quite nice…”

“No Greg, I’m sorry, I’m not like that, okay? I’m sure they’ll be some gay guys around this place, why don’t you go find some?”

“Okay…” Greg’s voice was filled with disappointment. He left the room silently, leaving Colin alone in this room.

He sighed, everything that happened in the past two days catching up to him. He took off his shoes, and climbed under the warm covers. Clearing his mind of everything, he drifted off into sleep, hoping to wake up tomorrow in the real world.

×× - - - + - - - ××

Colin opened his eyes and felt warm arms wrapped about him.

“Deb…?” he murmured. Was he home? Colin turned his head, and gasped. Greg’s arms were wrapped about him, and the Canadian quickly untangled himself from his sarcastic friend.

“Colin? You didn’t enjoy that?” Greg yawned. Colin’s eyes went wide. Had something else happened?

“Enjoy what, exactly?”

“My arms around you. You didn’t sleep better? You were tossing and turning when I came back into the room last night.”

“Oh. It was…okay. I guess. Just, don’t ever do that again okay?”

“Alright buddy, I won’t.” Greg promised. Although he was rather disappointed, Greg decided to respect his friend’s wishes.

×× - - - + - - - ××

“Are these all the clothes?” Colin asked. He and Ryan were in Ryan’s bathroom with a pile of clothes. Lynz and Greg had gone out quickly to a Wal-Mart and bought some cheap clothes for them to wear while Colin and Ryan did the laundry.

“Yep. Should be.” Ryan said. He looked around the bathroom, looking for something.


Ryan and Colin jumped at the startling noise. A grey, fluffy cat walked up to Colin and started to purr.

“Hello there little Kitty,” Colin cooed. He stroked the cat for a minute before letting it be on its way. “Okay, so, we got the soap?”




“Something to clean the clothes with? Like a dish towel or something?”

“Um… not check.”

“What do you mean ‘not check’?”

“I don’t usually carry around dish towels; sorry to disappoint you, Col.”

“Well we NEED something to clean the clothes with.”

“Yeah we do…”

“I got it!” Colin exclaimed.



“The cat?”

“Yes! Where’d it go?” Colin rushed out of the bedroom and found the cat sleeping on the bed. He quickly grabbed the kitty and rushed back into the bathroom.

“No Colin, not the cat!”

“We don’t have anything else! I’m sick of wearing dirty clothes!”

Ryan sighed, “Fine, I’ll get the soap.” Colin turned the sink on and splashed the warm water over the cat.

“Okay, here’s your shirt. Here’s the soap.” Colin started to rub the cat with the soap, and the rubbed his shirt all over the cat, and then under the water after. He repeated this with all of the clothes, and when he was finished Colin washed off the Cat and left it in the sink.

“Alright. So where’d that dryer go? Let’s dry these clothes! I’m sick of standing here in my boxers!” Colin exclaimed.

“I put it in the other room so we wouldn’t get it wet. Lemme go grab it.” Ryan said, and ran into the other room. Ryan made sure the area around the outlet was dry before plugging it and drying the clothes. Colin stood waiting impatiently. The cat was curled up in the sink and sleeping. After 10 minutes of no sound but the dryer, Colin cracked.

“This is taking too long! You’re only on your second sock!!” He let out a scowl, “I need something to dry clothes with…” He looked around the room. “Ah HA!”


“The CAT!”

“You can’t use the cat!”

“Why not?”

“The cat’s already wet!”

“Oh. Yeah. Well give me that you idiot, I’ll show you how it’s done!” Colin grabbed the dryer from Ryan. “See! You were only doing one side at a time. You have to go back and forth…back and forth. See? See how I’m doing it?”
“Yeah Col, I see.” Ryan sighed, and leaned up against the sink. The cat let out a startled cry and leapt from the sink to Colin’s feet.

“Ah!” Colin cried, the cat disrupting his concentration. He slipped in his bare feet and fell to the wet floor, his head hitting the bathtub loud and hard.

“…Colin?” Ryan asked after his friend hadn’t moved for 5 minutes. He kicked Colin’s leg. “Col?” His green eyes widened when he realized his friend was unconscious. Carefully, Ryan picked him up and laid him down on the bed. He took Colin’s arms and moved them up and down, pretending that he was alive. Then it came to him. A game for their new show, Friends. Two contestants would pretend to be dead, and another would have to move them around and such. His eyes widened.

“We can call it ‘Dead Bodies!’”

×× - - - + - - - ××

“No….I’m not gay Greg…the cat.....Viagra…”

“Colin? Colin buddy, wake up.”

“Come on honey, please wake up.”

“Deb…?” Colin murmured. He felt so far away.

His wife let out a huge sigh of relief. “Colin... please open your eyes.”

Slowly, Colin opened his eyes, and he saw himself surrounded by his wife, Deb, his best friend, Ryan, Ryan’s wife, Pat, and a male doctor. He was in a hospital.

“What happened?”

“Hello Mr. Mochrie, my name is Dr. Muller. You were electrocuted and knocked unconscious. You’ve been out for almost 10 hours. We were beginning to get worried.”

“Oh…I’m fine now. Can I go home?” Dr. Muller and Deb exchanged glances.

“No, I actually want to just keep you here until the afternoon. It’s around 7 in the morning right now. I just want to keep you here for observations, okay?” Dr. Muller explained.

“Sure, sure, that’d be fine. Well. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get some sleep, okay?”

“Alright then, you sure your alright buddy? I mean, you woke about talking about Viagra and Greg being gay…” Ryan asked, his voice full of concern.

“Yeah. I’ll explain all that later…I’ll see you three tomorrow.” He said, after giving his wife a kiss.

Once the four people had left the room, Colin took his time in looking around it. Next to him were machines measuring his heart and vitals. On the other side of him was a pair of defibrillators, which are used to send electrical shock waves through a person when their heart has stopped. Curious, Colin reached out to touch one. Unfortunately for him, it was on and turned up to a high setting. He touched one metal part of the pad with his finger, and felt the electricity run through his body, before everything around him went black.

×× - - - + - - - ××

“Hey dude…wake up.” Colin opened his eyes, expecting to see Ryan in front of him. He sat up immediately when he saw who was in front of him. David Schwimmer.


“Who’s David…it’s me Ross…Joey are you okay? Do you want me to call an ambulance?”

The End?
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