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Title: Ten Days (Day 2/10)
Rating: R, for language. Might have some NC-17 in later chapters.
Genre: Friendship; drama.
Characters: Brad, Colin, Greg, Jeff, Ryan, Wayne
Pairings: Slight Ry/Col in this chapter...and more later!
Summary: Surviving ten days in the wilderness is hard enough for one person. But with six, it's next to impossible.
Disclaimer: No offense intended to anyone, ever. Don't own the lovely men of Whose Line.

"We left the damn camera."

Ryan, incredibly, was laughing. Colin and Greg glared at him, not finding anything funny about the irony. Jeff lifted his head off the dirt where he had been lying for the last hour.

"That's what you're thinking about?" he muttered. "I don't think the camera is a big problem anymore."

Ryan continued to laugh. "It never was. We weren't going to use the fucking thing anyway. And now this is something that people would pay to see, and we don't have it." He was shaking with laughter despite the pain shooting up his injured leg.

"Maybe it's nature's punishment for us treating this whole thing like a joke, and now we're bonding better than we ever have," Wayne, ever the optimist, cracked. It actually brought a weak smile from Colin.

"Disproportionate retribution, I'd say," was Greg's response, heavy with sarcasm and low energy.

"Nice big words," Brad retorted. "Too bad your fucking genius brain isn't going to get us out of here."

"Chill, guys," said Wayne.

Colin was still silent. Ryan had stopped laughing long enough to watch his friend's grave expression and know that he was somehow responsible for it.

It had been the comment he'd made after falling on that rock, of course.
"Or I could just turn around..."
Stupid. It had been an impulse, almost a reflex, to make dark humor out of the danger they faced. They'd been doing just that as a career long enough, after all. But Colin had somehow known that it was tinted with an ugly truth, deep down where Ryan pushed everything away.

Ryan cursed himself, cursed Dan Patterson, cursed Colin for being so intuitive to his feelings. He wanted to apologize, but not in front of the others. Not now.

"Sun's coming up," Brad noted. It was indeed rising, splashing the dark blue-gray sky with pink and gold strips. A beautiful sight it was, but none of them could appreciate it.

"What happened to the fire?" Jeff wondered aloud, addressing no one in particular.

Greg answered despite himself. "Wind must've changed and spread it in the opposite of whatever direction we were running. Not likely it'll spread here at this point."

"So we outran it by chance?" said Brad.


"They'll have to put it on the news, right?" said Jeff, sitting up suddenly. "Dan will know it was near our location and they'll come for us."

Greg snorted. "It's California, pumpkin butter. Forest fires aren't exactly big news. Sorry."

Jeff's shoulders slumped. "Oh yeah."

"The direction..." Colin mused. "We have a map, don't we?" They looked at one another, all wondering whether any of them had thought to grab it in the chaos. Colin sighed. "Apparently not."

"At least we grabbed the food and water," Ryan pointed out. "That was good thinking."

"It won't last too long, but it's better than nothing," Colin replied.

Wayne frowned. "How long do you think we can stretch it for?"

"Well, the water is most important, obviously. If we ration it right, I'd say it'll last a good week or so."

Brad frowned. "Okay. So clearly the food won't last nearly as long as that."

"No," Colin admitted. "But it's all about how we use it. I'd say three days." Groans arose from the group, who were already starting to feel hunger pangs.

"We're not going to think about it," Colin told them. "Mind over matter, or something. We need to figure out a plan to distract us from the food situation."

"I'm not waiting here," Wayne said. "I think Brad and I should go and look for a road or something."

"Bad idea," Greg cut in, shifting his position and wincing. "What if somebody does come and you aren't here?"

"What if nobody comes at all and we all die?" Brad snapped.

"Shut up," Ryan told him. "We aren't gonna die."

"Oh, thank god you're here, Captain Cliché," Brad retorted, voice thick with sarcasm.

"Fuck you, Brad."

"We're playing a game," Colin announced suddenly. His friends stared at him.

"You're crazy, man," Greg said.

"No, I'm serious. We need distractions and we sure as hell need to work together. So we're doing...uh..." He fumbled for a suitable (and stationary) improv game in his head.

"We're doing 90 Second Alphabet," Ryan interjected.

Colin smiled slightly. "All right. We're starting with--"

"The letter H!" Jeff offered with a smirk.

"Yeah. And the scene is a princessy fairy tale," Greg added. "You start, Wayne."

"Hold it! You can't enter the castle," Wayne cried, immediately getting into the game.

"I am the king!" protested Ryan.

"Just ignore the guard, dear," Brad said in his exaggerated falsetto.

"Kings and queens can't kill dragons!" Jeff announced.

"Like we're scared of you," Colin retorted.

"Might I ask who you are, sir?" said Greg in a pompous tone.

"No castle entry for commoners!"

"Oh, I shall have you thrown in the dungeon!"

"Please let us into our castle!"

"Quiet or I shall unleash my dragon powers upon you all!"


"Silence! The dragon is my pet."

"Then you must be the wizard!'

"Unless you let us over the drawbridge, I will execute you."

"Very good, dear. Assert your kingly power!"

"Wait! Here comes the princess. I can't let her see me. "

"Xylophone music! It means the drawbridge is opening."

"You win this round, your majesty, but I shall return tomorrow with my dragon!"

"Zebras are better pets than dragons."

"Ah! Princess, the guard isn't letting us inside the castle."


"Come on, zebras are just fancy horses! I'm a goddamn dragon!"

"Dragons are just fancy lizards."

"Evil wizards do not take kindly to knights insulting their pets."

"For god's sake, can you all just get inside the castle or leave?"

"Guard, how dare you speak to the king and queen that way?"

"Have him arrested!"

There was a very long pause. Then Jeff said, "That was way more than ninety seconds."

After a tedious argument over whether any of them were authorized to give out points (the verdict: they had each earned one hundred), it was decided that each day they weren't rescued, an extra game would be added to the daily itinerary as part of the "distraction" method .

"I always knew improv would kill me," Ryan commented. Colin frowned at him, but it was more of an exhausted look than an angry one.

"Col," Ryan said. Wayne and Brad were distracted, doing a re-inventory of the meager supplies and sorting different items into ration piles. Ryan wanted to talk to Colin about their earlier confrontation. "I don't want you to be pissed at me anymore."

"I'm not. I wasn't."

Ryan sighed in relief. "So what's going on?"

Colin rubbed the back of his neck, which was rather stiff. "Nothing. I just hate this." He smiled dryly, realizing how obvious that was. "You shouldn't even have come in the first place. I mean, I shouldn't have let you. I could have told you to stay home, so it's my fault. If anybody could have avoided this, they should have taken the chance."

"Colin," Ryan said. No other words came to him. But that one word was filled with enough sorrow to break anyone's heart.

"I wanted you here," Colin continued. He lifted his dark brown eyes, meeting Ryan's gaze.

Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing. "It was my choice to come. If you're blaming yourself, you couldn't be more wrong. We ran into the shittiest luck of our lives and you've stepped up and been an incredible leader even though you don't have to." Ryan paused for a breath, but then noticed his friend's hand, moving slowly towards his own.

"I'm afraid. So fucking afraid, Ry. If we ignore this chance, we're blind, because it could very well be the last."

Ryan frowned, a crease between his eyes deepening. "What do you mean?"

"I mean we're lost in the woods with nobody looking for us. I mean it's a fifty-fifty shot of life or death. I mean that if there was ever a more pathetically cliched situation to drop us in, I'd like to see it. Because we both know how many times we've wished we were alone, just the two of us."

"We aren't alone, though," Ryan pointed out, closing the remaining distance between his and Colin's hands. "The other guys are here. We can't--"

"We can. Who the hell do you think we can be honest with if not them?" Colin exhaled loudly, frustration evident on his face. "All I'm saying is, this is my wake-up call. I hope it's yours."
He squeezed Ryan's hand before releasing his grip. "Now let's see how your leg's doing."


Greg gently probed his lower right side with his fingers.
Fuck. Not good. It hurt worse than it had at the beginning of the day and the swelling hadn't lessened yet. It had been too dark to see what had stabbed him as he fell, but it had felt like a stick. Well, actually, it had felt like a giant knife scraping through flesh in the blink of an eye, but a stick was probably the safer bet.
He still hadn't mentioned the injury. It was the kind of thing that could easily heal on its own if kept clean. Certainly no cause for him to panic, and doubly certain he didn't want his friends worrying or fussing over him.
Gritting his teeth, he stood up to assist Wayne and Jeff in collecting firewood for the night.
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