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Title:  Behind the Wall, Part 31, 32 & 33
Author: Walking Ivy
Pairings: Dan/Ryan, Colin/Ryan
Summary:  This is a completely AU version of events where Dan Patterson stumbles upon Ryan Stiles while he is still working as a stand-up comedian and offers him a position as a performer on his new radio broadcast, Whose Line is it Anyway?  Ryan and Dan enter into a relationship, which becomes increasingly unhealthy.  Five years later, Whose Line is a successful television production with Ryan as a regular when Colin auditions for a part.
Rating: NC17 in parts
Warnings: Domestic violence.  Dan is not a nice person in this.
Disclaimer:  This story is 100% fictional.  Please don’t sue.
A/N: I've cannibalized this story for another piece I'm working on, so I'm not leaving this one up in full.  If you would like a copy to read, please send me a message, and I'll get back to you.


            It was June of the year 2003.  Whose Line is it Anyway had been running successfully for ten years in the United States, and they were always hoping for one more year.  Ryan and Colin had also recently had their ten year anniversary and were still blissfully happy together, something that was obvious to anyone who knew them.

            However, the last few days, Ryan had been sneaking around a lot more and holding whispered conversations with Mark and Drew, which always resulted in them looking at Colin.  He was beginning to get annoyed with the whole thing and planned to confront Ryan after they filmed.

            Ryan reached across the table between their seats and grabbed hold of Colin’s hand, keeping a firm grip even as the cameras started rolling.  It was extremely unusual in that they always kept up a professional front during tapings.  But Ryan wasn’t letting go of his hand and Colin couldn’t bring himself to mind.  Aside from that, that show started out as normal.

“Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway, the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.  That’s right, the points are just like ‘must be this tall’ signs to Ryan Stiles. Our guests tonight: Everyone’s imaginary friend, Greg Proops! Imagining everyone’s a friend, Wayne Brady! A real friend to the imaginary, Colin Mochrie! And an imaginary friend to imaginary friends, Ryan Stiles!   And I’m your host, Drew Carey.  Come on down, and let’s have some fun!”

After Drew had gone through his usual introductions, though, he diverted from the flow.  “Before we begin tonight, our esteemed Ryan Stiles has asked to take the floor for a minute.”

Ryan smiled at Colin before turning and smiling at the audience.  He stood, but only as long as it took him to kneel down beside his chair.   He took a small box from his pocket and presented it to Colin.  “Will you, Colin Mochrie, marry me?”

Colin couldn’t imagine what his face looked like at that moment.  He was thrilled at the idea of marrying his long term lover, but they both knew that wasn’t possible.  “We can’t.  Not legally.”  Colin responded quietly, regretting his words even as he said them.

“As of June 10th, Ontario now performs and recognizes same-sex marriages.”  Ryan declared proudly.  “We can get married in our own home.”

“Are you serious?”  Colin asked, though he already saw the truth in Ryan’s eyes.

“Absolutely.  So, will you marry me?”

“Yes.”  Colin slid out of his chair so he could wrap his arms around Ryan, an embrace which was returned heartily.  “Of course I’ll marry you.”

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