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Halloween Trick or Treat Fic for clayangel, with trepidation.
by not2bscene
Sorry, cannot come up with a title, based (very loosely) on Rocky Horror Picture Show


Drew and Chip were panicking. They'd received a frantic call from their partner Jeff a couple of hours ago, begging them to "Come get me, please? RIGHT NOW! " He mumbled something about an Annual Transylvanian Convention

Both strong willed men, they were very protective  of Jeff, and less than happy when he said he'd accepted the strange offer. All they knew was that he'd taken a singing/acting/dancing job for which a limo had picked him up yesterday. He hadn't been sure of the location, having been told "everything will be taken care of."

Now they were lost, on a dark lonely country road, in a car with a flat
tire, and it was raining, hard. Chip looked at Drew, his usually cheerful face drawn with concern, so Drew-In-Charge automatically took control. "We need to go find a place to call for help. My cell phone has no signal out here.."

They  got out of the car and were immediately soaked through by the icy rain. "Look, over there," Chip pointed. "what is that? It looks like a castle, doesn't it?" Drew had to agree, and was too wet and cold to think about the oddness of that situation. Let just hope they have a phone," he grumbled.

It hadn't seemed that for at first sight, but it felt like they'd been walking for hours and hadn't gotten much closer. They had their arms around each other and were both shivering so hard they began to walk between the raindrops.

Suddenly they found themselves staring through the open doorway of what was definitely a castle, filled with people in a multitude of costumes. There was music playing and a shimmering tap dancer was currently the center of attention.

They found a man at their side greeting them. "Hello, Call me Frank. Are you here for the convention?" Not really ," Drew started, "we had car trou..." "oh, well Lets get you out of those wet things," Frank insisted. Before they could say another word, they found themselves stripped to their underwear.

"We're looking for our friend, Jeff," Chip tried to restart the conversation. Before he could continue, Frank was gone and the entire group was dancing... they even spotted Jeff and were working their way toward him...

"Lets Do The Time Warp  Again..."
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