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Title: Affliction, Part 9/13
Author: illyriaone (Thesseli)
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Rating: R
Summary: I once swore I would never write a vampire story...
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Type of Feedback Desired: Any.

Because of his duties as producer, Ryan always arrived at the studio early for production meetings. This time was no different; and this time, of course, Colin was right there with him.

Colin seemed a little agitated since they’d reached the lot. Ryan assumed it was just nerves; well, soon they would put an end to any doubts he might have had about performing with the others. He’d encouraged Colin to eat prior to the afternoon meeting, but he didn’t want to. Butterflies in the stomach, he’d said. And maybe it was better that Colin hadn’t taken any blood from him that day…the collar of his shirt just barely covered the highest of the bite marks. If only it was winter -- if he was wearing long sleeves, Colin could draw from anywhere on his lower arms without giving away what they were doing. He wasn’t ashamed of their relationship, but he didn’t want to spring it on the others this early. They were still getting used to the idea of Colin needing the blood in the first place -- he didn’t want to freak them out even more by letting them know that Colin was drawing it from him. He had the feeling they could handle the sexual part of the relationship if it wasn’t so linked to the feeding…or the feeding, if it wasn’t so linked to the sex.

As they walked through the halls at ABC towards the conference rooms, Ryan noticed that Colin’s eyes were darting from side to side curiously, as if searching for something he couldn’t quite locate. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I don’t know…” He paused, sniffing the air. “I thought I smelled something…” He sniffed again, and his eyes widened. “Someone else like me.”

“Really?” he asked, lowering his voice and looking around too. “Where?” There were a number of people who’d passed by them; no-one was obviously different from what passed for a normal human.

“I’m not sure,” he replied. “I…”

At that instant, one of the network’s intern managers rounded the corner. She was young, attractive, and wearing a low-cut blouse. Rumor had it that she was looking for a way to get on the fast track to the higher levels of management. Given her appearance, she’d already chosen which method she planned to use.

At the sight of the two men, she broke into a wide (and in Ryan’s opinion, fake) smile. “Hello,” she said, taking a few steps forward.

Colin’s eyebrows went up as he made a nearly imperceptible gesture towards the woman. It was her.

“What brings you here on a day you’re not filming?” she asked, taking another step closer to Ryan. From this close, he could see that her professionally whitened and capped teeth were otherwise normal…no fangs, not like Colin had. A carrier who hadn’t yet succumb to the disease.

Ryan saw Colin’s eyes narrow dangerously. He took a step forward, placing himself squarely between the woman and Ryan. “We’re going to a meeting. An important production meeting.”

“Oh, isn’t that interesting?” she said. “Are you going right now, or can you stay and chat? I have a couple of ideas for the some of our shows…” She put a hand out, touching Ryan on the arm.

Ryan had never seen Colin move that fast. Almost instantly he was there, his hand locked around the woman’s wrist. “Back off,” he said. It was almost a snarl.

“What the hell’s wrong with you, you--” She gasped as she saw his bared teeth. She let go of Ryan and stumbled backwards, but Colin was still holding her fast. “Oh my God, oh my God,” she whispered, her expression one of sheer terror.

“Col…” began Ryan in alarm. Possessiveness? Territoriality? He’d never seen anything like this, not between two people -- it was more like watching a hyena stare down its prey before it attacked. He was shocked at the almost animalistic quality of Colin’s actions…his eyes were wild, almost like they were when he and Ryan were together…

“Please let me go,” she said fearfully. “Please, Mr. Stiles, make him let me go…”

At that, Colin released her, glaring angrily. “He’s not yours. You won’t touch him again,” he stated. “You can find someone else when it’s your time. But not him. He’s mine.”

The woman nodded frantically, then hurried off down the hallway. Colin made a low growling sound as she did, watching as she passed from their line of sight. Only after that did Colin seem to calm down. The look on his face had gone from fury, to satisfaction, and finally to…disbelief?

He sagged against the wall, shaking. “My God, Ryan,” he said in horror. “What have I done?”

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I really like this. For a vampire fic, it's sweet: Ry/Col devotion and loyality.

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