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Title: Affliction, Part 5/13
Author: illyriaone (Thesseli)
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Rating: R
Summary: I once swore I would never write a vampire story...
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.
Type of Feedback Desired: Any.

Colin squeezed his eyes shut, even as a part of him leapt at the thought of doing what Ryan had suggested. “Ryan, you don’t know what you’re asking.”

“I know exactly what I’m asking.” He reached up, taking one of Colin’s hands in his own. “I told you, I’ve been doing my homework. I know what it means to give this to you. I want this.”

“But you’ll…” He shook his head, but he didn’t let go of Ryan’s hand. “If I do, the part of me that’s changed will think you belong to me. That you’re my personal property. I’m already feeling it, a little, just because of our friendship. If I give that part of myself any encouragement, it won’t be possible to convince it that you *don’t* belong to me.”

“I already belong to you, Colin,” he said simply, rubbing the man’s hand with his thumb. “I always have. I would do anything for you…and I want you to know how much you mean to me. Let me share this with you.”

Colin’s grip tightened as he fought against the incredibly powerful urge that was telling him yes, to claim Ryan as his, and his forever. They’d known each other for over twenty years; Ryan was his already, wasn’t he? That’s what part of himself said. Taking Ryan’s blood would let them seal their friendship with something stronger and more meaningful than any contract, oath, or vow. But there was another part of this that Ryan wouldn’t, *couldn’t* want. Everyone, even the most uninformed, knew the rumors about what went on when human blood was taken. He’d already talked about it; he’d thought Ryan had understood. “Ryan,” he whispered back, his breathing becoming more rapid. “There’s the sex. Taking the blood from a living person makes us go half crazy...” He shook his head again, struggling to control himself. “You don’t want that…”

“Of course I want it,” he stated, forcing Colin to look him in the eyes. “I’ve wanted it for years. I’ve wanted *you* for years. Don’t hold back -- I want you to take what you need. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Ryan's green eyes burned into his. “Don’t be afraid, Colin. I love you.”

With this declaration, Colin could no longer hold himself back. He had to admit that he’d thought about it in the past, of what it might be like if he and Ryan were lovers. He’d always dismissed it as too impractical to pursue. But now the warmth he’d always felt when he was with Ryan was red-hot, searing him through and through. He’d caught hints of Ryan’s true feelings earlier, but hadn’t recognized them for what they were; he’d assumed it was merely their friendship that was coming through in his scent. Now he knew what it really meant, and he was elated. With one last look into the other man’s eyes, he surrendered to the feelings inside him, pulling Ryan up and kissing him passionately.

Ryan moaned, wrapping his arms around Colin and drawing him even closer. Colin’s eyes gleamed as he shifted his weight, then lifted Ryan bodily and carried him from the kitchen to the bedroom. Ryan laughed in delight; Colin had picked him up before on stage, but never so easily and never for anything like this. He dropped Ryan onto the bed, then climbed on and draped himself over the taller man, kissing him again and again.

Ryan squirmed underneath him, relishing the feeling of his friend’s mouth and hands on his body. He stroked down Colin’s back, then gasped as his shirt was torn off as if it were made of tissue paper. Colin tossed it aside and smiled, showing his elongated canine teeth. The sight excited Ryan even more -- never before had he been so at the mercy of anyone he’d been with, and he loved it. He’d also never gotten so far so fast, but he wasn’t surprised that Colin was affecting him like this. It wasn’t how he’d imagined their first time together…it was better. Colin’s own shirt went next, then his pants, and then the rest of their clothing. Ryan shivered as their bodies finally met; no barriers, nothing between them.

“Colin,” he breathed, as the Canadian swooped down to claim his mouth once again. A hand made its way from Ryan’s shoulder to his chest, then to his abdomen, and finally began stroking both of them in a hard and fast rhythm. He felt overwhelmed by the sensations. He moaned again, feeling Colin’s mouth leave his and travel down, kissing from his lips to his jawline down onto his neck. Ryan tilted his head back, giving Colin easier access for whatever he wanted to do.

Colin kissed and licked at Ryan’s neck, his tongue dancing over the skin until he found the spot he was looking for. He kissed it again, feeling the pulsing underneath, then gently bit down.

Ryan moaned, almost sobbing in ecstasy as he came. Dimly he was aware that Colin had also come, even before he’d finished drinking. He held Colin close until he was done, massaging his back, until Colin suddenly pulled away. There was still blood on his lips -- my blood, Ryan thought with a start -- but the expression on Colin’s face took away any misgivings he might have had. Not that he had any. But there was fear in Colin’s eyes…fear that he’d been too rough, or too fast, or that he’d hurt Ryan. Ryan was quick to reassure him, though, welcoming him back into his arms, soothing him and letting him know that he was all right. Better than all right.

“I love you, Ryan,” he whispered, holding the other man close. “I’m sorry I never told you before…but I do. I really do. No matter what else might happen, I want you to know that.”

“I know, Col. I always knew,” he replied, and kissed him again, the wildness of their earlier act replaced by understanding, and acknowledgment of the love that had been between them for years. “I’m so sorry that it took something like this to bring us together, but if it had to happen…I’m glad you chose to be with me.” He caressed Colin’s jaw, then cupped his cheek. “You’re never alone, Colin. Remember that.”

“Never alone,” he murmured sleepily, snuggling closer. Ryan wrapped an arm around him, and in that position, content, they both drifted off to sleep.

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Really enjoying this story. (I like strong, worried Colin.)

~ Glyph

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